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Benefits for shippers


Benefits for dispatchers

"Thanks to Transporeon Transport Assignment, our scheduling process has become so much more efficient, so our schedulers now have more time for optimised transport planning. It's great!"

How it works: With Transport Assignment from Transporeon, shipping companies send schedule information to their carriers, who submit their offers via the logistics platform with just a few clicks of the mouse. Transporeon offers various transport assignment options adapted to companies' needs and the fast-changing circumstances of this particular industry.

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Benefits for warehouses

"Thanks to Transporeon Time Slot Management, trucks now arrive on schedule and in a way that's well managed. My team can work much more efficiently and we can load more trucks in less time."

How it works: Carriers book time slots for loading or unloading their goods online, which speeds things up at dispatch and enables drivers to be on their way swiftly. Shippers use Time Slot Management to control incoming deliveries. Waiting times are demonstrably shortened by up to 40% and the costs of processes reduced.

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Benefits for customer service

"This is what customer service should be all about: when customers ring me, I can give them information about the status of their deliveries straight away. If there are any problems, I identify them early and can react accordingly. Transport Visibility from TRANSPOREON is just fantastic."

How it works: TRANSPOREON Transport Visibility provides you with transparency for your transports. Status messages enable you to seamlessly track all your goods right from the time they are picked up until they are delivered to the consignee. Delays are reported immediately, even before the customer has the chance to ask.

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Benefits for management

"For us, MOM is the most important innovation we have seen in transport logistics. MOM pushes the transport order to the driver, so right into the cab, with just a few taps on the TRANSPOREON app. This means we have complete transparency, right to the last mile. Brilliant!"

How it works: To use TRANSPOREON Mobile Order Management, your carriers need to have the TRANSPOREON app for drivers. This easy-to-use Android app links the driver's smartphone in the truck directly to you, the shipper, facilitating end-to-end real-time processes, paperless dispatch and transparency right up until the goods reach the consignee.

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Benefits for carriers


Benefits for truck drivers

"It's amazing! The TRANSPOREON app for drivers saves me having to wait around for ages when loading and unloading, which is a real bonus. What's more, having the app on my smartphone means I'm fully integrated into the delivery process."

How it works: The TRANSPOREON app for drivers is an easy-to-use Android app that links the driver's smartphone in the truck directly to the shipper, so transport orders are received right there in the cab on the driver's phone. Status messages, such as "Goods loaded OK", "Delay due to traffic jam" or "Break", can be submitted from the truck without delay. Yet another benefit: delivery notes or damage documentation can be signed off electronically, without the need for a separate device; it can all be done right there on the smartphone.

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Benefits for customer service

"Since we introduced Transporeon telematics, the phones here have fallen silent, because the application records all conceivable information about each order – even if there's an emergency we usually communicate via text message, not over the phone."

How it works: Thanks to a number of add-on modules, Transporeon telematics offers supplementary features tailored to your needs, such as free text messages, truck navigation with automatic address transfer, seamless documentation or hall scanning – and it's so practical, as everything is provided in the same application.

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Benefits for IT

"Thanks to a TRANSPOREON interface, we've been able to significantly reduce the amount of manual data entry work we have to do. Not only that, but data quality has improved and automated processes mean costs have dropped considerably. All in all, it's worth its weight in gold."

How it works: Automate the process of exchanging data between TRANSPOREON and your carrier system. With an outbound interface, for example, you can send transport data to your carrier system; or with a bidirectional interface, you can accept transports and submit offers in the carrier system direct.

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