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Transport Visibility: Track deliveries. React quickly. Improve customer service.

The TRANSPOREON Transport Visibility solution makes the shipping process more transparent. Status messages enable you to seamlessly track all your goods right from the time they are picked up until they are delivered to the consignee. Delays are reported immediately, even before the customer has the chance to ask. Each step in the process is documented, with carriers using this information to prove deliveries have been made and shippers to measure performance or evaluate suppliers.


The functions of TRANSPOREON Transport Visibility

  • Information about expected arrival and unloading times or delays (e.g. due to traffic jams)

  • Various status notification options: via smartphone using the TRANSPOREON app, via e-mail or via the vehicle's on-board telematics

  • Automatic reminder and alert function: reminders to submit status notifications can be requested and sent on an individual basis

  • Status information received by carrier and shipper scheduling staff via e-mail, the Transporeon platform or in the ERP system directly via an interface

  • The option to have an interface with the consignee's ERP system enables delivery status information to be received quickly and directly


Erfolgreich mit Tracking & Tracing von TRANSPOREON

"Unsere zuverlässige Lieferung der Ware ist unser Wettbewerbsvorteil. Durch die Sendungsverfolgung unsere Liefertreue messen und ich weiß mit welchen Spediteuren ich an Verbesserungen arbeiten muss."

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Benefits of transport visibility solution for shippers, carriers and consignees

The process of delivering goods from a warehouse to a customer extends across the whole logistics supply chain: it involves shipper scheduling staff just as much as carriers and their truck drivers. So having smooth and transparent communication between all parties along the entire supply chain is absolutely essential - and this smooth communication can be provided by using Transporeon Transport visibility solution. The key is to ensure the customer is happy: for the shipping company, that's the consignee; for the carrier, it's the shipping company. That's what makes good tracking and tracing so important.

  • Customer service optimised thanks to better access to information: the supplier reacts to problems with the delivery quickly and flexibly
  • Seamless and meaningful reporting: documentation of an on-time delivery enables performance to be measured and optimised
  • Happy consignees: transparent order tracking means the customer is prepared for any delays and can plan to receive the goods accordingly

Compatible with the following products

  • TRANSPOREON Mobile Order Management app
  • TRANSPOREON Transport Assignment
  • TRANSPOREON Time Slot Management

TRANSPOREON Mobile Order Management app

The TRANSPOREON app is THE innovation in the world of transport logistics. This easy-to-use Android app links the driver's smartphone in the truck directly to the shipper, facilitating end-to-end real-time processes. Status messages can also be submitted in order to track a shipment. But that's not all the TRANSPOREON app can do: paperless dispatch and a function to record any damage are just a couple of the other features it offers.

What the TRANSPOREON Mobile Order-Management app can do

TRANSPOREON Transport Assignment

Shipping companies use TRANSPOREON Transport Assignment to book a suitable carrier to transport their goods. Information about transport, delivery, order number and so on is sent to the TRANSPOREON platform and is used in subsequent steps in the process, including for TRANSPOREON Transport Visibility.

Further information about TRANSPOREON Transport Assignment

TRANSPOREON Time Slot Management

TRANSPOREON Transport Visibility allows both the shipper and the carrier to check whether time slots that have been booked online are being (or can be) adhered to. This enables the carrier to optimise his day-to-day planning: waiting times at loading ramps are shortened considerably and the costs of processes reduced. Shippers use Time Slot Management to perfect the management of incoming deliveries that arrive right on schedule.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies
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Shipment tracking just got even easier. How information reaches the consignee direct from the driver's cab.

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