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Benefits for shippers


Benefits for dispatchers

"With shipment execution from TRANSPOREON, our dispatching process has become significantly more efficient. Our dispatchers now have more time for optimized transport planning. That's awesome!"

How it works: Shipping companies use TRANSPOREON shipment execution to transmit route data to their carriers. These carriers submit their quotations with just a few clicks using the logistics platform. TRANSPOREON provides various options for transport assignment, which can be adapted to individual needs of companies and business dynamics.

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Benefits for warehouses

"Using dock scheduling from Transporeon, trucks now arrive in a controlled manner and on-time. My team can work more efficiently and we can load trucks more quickly."

How it works: Transport companies book time slots online for loading or unloading their goods. This accelerates processing and enables fast connection trips. Shippers manage the delivery of shipments using dock scheduling. Waiting times are shortened in a verifiable manner up to 40 percent, process costs are reduced.     

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Benefits for customer service

"This is how great customer service works: If a customer calls me, I can provide information on the delivery status immediately. If there are any problems, I can identify them at an early stage and respond. Shipment tracking from TRANSPOREON is great!"

This is how it works: You can use TRANSPOREON shipment tracking to obtain transparency about the deliveries. By means of status messages, all goods can be tracked seamlessly: From pickup to delivery to the consignee. Delays are reported immediately, even before the customer asks. 

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Benefits for management

"For us, the MOM process is the most important innovation in transportation logistics. Using MOM, the shipment order is sent to the driver via push technology, i.e. into the truck, with just a few clicks in the TRANSPOREON app. This means full transparency up to the 'last mile'. Terrific!"

This is how it works: To be able to use Mobile Order Management from TRANSPOREON, your carriers need the TRANSPOREON app for drivers. The easy-to-operate Android app connects the truck driver's smartphone directly with the you, the shipper. This allows continuous real-time processes, paperless delivery and transparency all the way to the end customer.

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Benefits for carriers


Benefits for truck drivers

"It is one-of-a-kind! Using the TRANSPOREON app for drivers, I don't have to deal with long waiting times when loading and unloading--that is a huge advantage. Using the app, I am also involved completely in the delivery process on my smartphone."

How it works: The TRANSPOREON app for drivers is an easy-to-operate Android app. It networks the truck driver's smartphone directly with the shipper, meaning transport orders arrive directly in the truck on the driver's smartphone. Status messages can be submitted directly from the truck, e.g. "Goods loaded successfully", "Delay due to traffic jam", "On break". Another advantage:  Delivery documents and damage documentation are possible without an extra device using the electronic signature. Directly on the smartphone

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Benefits for customer service

"Since introducing Transporeon telematics, the phones here have been silent, because the application includes all conceivable order information – even in case of emergency, we usually use text messages, not the telephone"

This is how it works: Thanks to numerous expansion modules, Transporeon telematics provide additions tailored to your needs, such as free text messages, truck navigation with automatic address transfer, continuous documentation and handheld scanning – conveniently everything in the same application.

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Benefits for IT

"With an integration from TRANSPOREON, we were able to reduce the manual data entry effort significantly. The data quality has improved and automated processes have also reduced our costs significantly. All in all, very worthwhile!"

How it works: You automate the data exchange between TRANSPOREON and your carrier system, e.g. with an outbound integration. This way, your transportation data is automatically transferred to your carrier system. You can also use bidirectional integration, which forwards acceptance and submission of quotations directly in the carrier system. 

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