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TRANSPOREON is a web-based logistics platform that links industrial and commercial companies with their logistics service providers. It allows cost-saving, transparent online handling of all workflows related to the transportation management process. The Transporeon product portfolio includes automated shipment execution, dock scheduling, visibility, reporting and much more. More than 1000 shippers and over 57,000 carriers currently benefit from TRANSPOREON's solutions.

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Shipment execution

Automated, flexible shipment processing - The TRANSPOREON Way

Companies can use TRANSPOREON shipment execution to assign transport orders to carriers. Conversely, carriers have the ability to provide their shipping customers with the suitable product offer. Through electronic assignment, both parties save freight, process and telephone costs and improve their delivery quality. Using TRANSPOREON, companies benefit from various options of shipment execution, adapted to individual needs and cost-effective basic conditions. 



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Dock scheduling

Control your docks. Eliminate detention charges.

Book time slots online, arrive, load/unload on-time and be back on the road quickly – this is how TRANSPOREON dock scheduling works. Dock scheduling ensures less idle time during loading and unloading, equalizes peak times and reduces waiting time. Shippers can provide their goods in a timely manner and use their shipping team to their optimal capacity.

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"Where are my goods?" Track reliably using shipment tracking

TRANSPOREON visibility brings more transparency to your transportation process. By means of status messages, all goods can be tracked: From pickup to delivery to the end customer. Delays are reported immediately, even before the customer asks. Each step is documented. Carriers use this information as proof of delivery; shippers use it as a performance measurement or supplier evaluation.

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Optimize company performance through reliable key performance indicators

Using the reporting module from TRANSPOREON , important key performance indicators can be determined easily and evaluations can be created at any time at the press of a button. Thus, all relevant information is up-to-date and available quickly. For example, on the performance of the transport company, adherence to deadlines, scheduling quotas or the ratio of supply and demand.

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