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Automate your shipment execution. Save process costs.

Obtaining quotations via telephone, fax and e-mail for carriers is inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive.  

Shipping companies use TRANSPOREON shipment execution to transmit route data to their carriers. Conversely, carriers submit their quotations with only a few clicks using the logistics platform. And this is always complete, correct and fast. 

TRANSPOREON provides various options for shipment execution that are adapted to the needs of the companies and business dynamics.  Quotations can be assigned as contractually fixed in the long-term or on a daily basis. This provides continuity in order assignment  and allows shippers to respond flexibly to fast-moving market and transport price trends. 

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Numbers and facts. Efficient transport planning through automated ordering

All variants of Transporeon shipment execution have one thing in common: They change the everyday work of logistics managers, their dispatchers and the carriers. Both in strategic and operational terms. Dispatchers' work is made easier through quick work processes and logistics managers get some slack in their budget. Carriers win as well through less empty runs and more orders.

  • Manual and paperless logistics: Approximately 30 percent reduction of process costs and approximately 80 percent of telephone costs
  • Higher delivery quality and assured freight capacity through detailed and fast transport data transmission
  • Less empty runs and significantly reduced freight costs through quick and easy solicitation of quotations

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Efficient shipment execution in practice

"Usually our employees had to call three or four regional carriers to compare the offers. Sometimes just one carrier had enough capacity to take over the freight order."

 Patrik Mertes, Logistics Manager at ZBM Request a live demo

Shipment execution - TRANSPOREON has the right option for you

  • Up-to-date and flexible shipment execution: Free resource planning of loading and freight capacity based on daily carrier prices and quotations.

  • Shipment execution based on contractually defined criteria between shipper and carrier, e.g. freight price or volume guarantees

  • Price control using a flexible price corridor and flexible allocations. Both are defined contractually in advance between the shipper and carrier.

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Case Studies

Want to know how the pros are doing it? Read how TRANSPOREON customers save time and money using automated shipment execution

Case Studies
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