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TRANSPOREON shipment tracking makes the shipping process more transparent. By means of status messages, all goods can be tracked seamlessly: From pickup to delivery to the consignee. Delays are reported immediately, even before the customer asks. Each step is documented. Carriers use this information as proof of delivery; shippers use it as a performance measurement or supplier evaluation. 

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TRANSPOREON shipment tracking overview

  • Information about expected arrival and unloading times or delays (e.g. traffic jam)

  • Various status submission options: via smartphone on the TRANSPOREON app, via e-mail or using the telematics system in the vehicle

  • Automatic reminder and alert function: Reminders for status submission can be requested and sent individually.

  • Status information reaches the carrier and shipper dispatchers via e-mail, the Transporeon platform or directly in the ERP system via interface

  • Possible interface into the ERP of the goods recipient makes it possible to provide information about the delivery status directly and quickly


Customers report on their experience with TRANSPOREON visibility

"Reliable delivery of goods is our competitive edge. With shipment tracking I can finally measure our delivery reliability and I know which carriers I have to work on improvements with."

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Shipment tracking: benefits for shippers, carriers and end customers

Goods delivery from the warehouse to the customer's facility extend over the entire logistics supply chain. Shipper dispatchers are involved in it, as are carriers and truck drivers.  Therefore, smooth and transparent communication of all parties along the supply chain is essential. Focus is on customer satisfaction. For the shipping company, this is the consignee. For the carrier, this is the shipping company. This makes successful tracking and tracing so important.

  • Optimization of customer service through improved access to information: The supplier responds quickly and flexibly to problems during delivery.
  • Continuous and meaningful reporting: The documentation of on-time delivery makes it possible to measure and optimize the delivery performance.
  • Satisfied consignees: Transparent order tracking allows customers to respond to delays and plan the receipt of goods accordingly.

Compatible with following products

  • TRANSPOREON Mobile Order Management app
  • TRANSPOREON shipment execution
  • TRANSPOREON dock scheduling

TRANSPOREON Mobile Order Management app

The TRANSPOREON app is THE innovation for transport logistics. The easy-to-operate Android app networks the truck driver's smartphone directly with the shipper, enabling real-time processes from start to finish. This also covers submitting status messages for shipment tracking. But that is far from all; the TRANSPOREON app enables paperless delivery, damage documentation and much more. 

TRANSPOREON shipment execution

Shipping companies book the suitable carrier for goods shipping using TRANSPOREON shipment execution. Information on shipping, delivery, order number, etc. flows onto the TRANSPOREON platform and is used for follow-up actions, including TRANSPOREON shipment tracking.

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TRANSPOREON dock scheduling

TRANSPOREON shipment tracking allows the shipper and carrier to check whether time slots booked online can be, and are, kept. Carriers use this to optimize their daily work. Waiting times at docks are reduced significantly, as are process costs. Shippers perfect the delivery management of punctual shipments using dock scheduling. 

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Case Studies

Want to know how the pros are doing it? In our success stories, read how TRANSPOREON customers optimize their flow of goods using shipment tracking

Case Studies
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The TRANSPOREON shipment tracking app

The TRANSPOREON shipment tracking app made even easier. How information reaches the consignee directly from the cab.

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